Problems Generating a test token on Yammer (making an app)

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I am attempting to make an app for my business, Returnhound, on Yammer in order to generate a test token and use Yammmer Connect features. I have been given a client ID after entering basic details and my redirect URI is

However, when I input this data into the text:[:client_id]&redirect_uri=[:redirect_uri]

I receive the error "invalid client application" and cannot authorise. Please offer any reasons for this and what error I am making.



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What browser are you using for the call to the below URL?[:client_id]&redirect_uri=[:redirect_uri]


Remember that you don't need the brackets or the colons in the actual URL you put in the browser.


So it should be something like this:

Does that work for you?


Also, your existing application should come with a "Generate a developer token for this applicaiton" button.  Try using that and seeing what you come up with.