Private Yammer groups for large audiences (e.g.: faculty in a university)

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We're a moderately-sized university with ~1,500-2,000 faculty, about the same number of staff and ~50,000 students. The existing security scoping on Yammer groups doesn't seem to provide a way to create, say, a "Faculty community" without someone manually maintaining the membership of it. That is, communities are either "public" (open to everyone) or "private" (open to specified members). In the case of a private community, you can only add individual users as members; there's no support for M365 or AAD groups. We have dynamically-managed AAD groups for several large populations (e.g.: Faculty, Staff, Students, etc.), but there doesn't appear to be any way to leverage those for managing access to a private community.


Is there something I'm missing? Or something that's on the roadmap to support this use case? We have far more use for population-specific communities than "all org"/public communities. 


Also, are there any colleges/universities out there having success with Yammer? I have to imagine that they're all having similar concerns (I'm sure faculty are just as peculiar and secretive at other institutions as they are at ours).

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