Private groups posts is shown public

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The recent week we discover that private groups posts are public by all users. 

How is that? I there any new roll out update for Yammer? 

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That doesn't sound right, I would suggest creating a Service Request and getting support to look into that.


It turned out that this was not the issue. The problem is that the users can see other groups posts in their own flow on the startpage even if not subscribed to. Does anyone know if this is an update or anything in Yammer or if we can can change this setting?

All network users will see all posts made to any public group in your network. This will help to provide for a transparent and collaborative space.

Users can change what they see by clicking on the "FOLLOWING" link so their newsfeed is only showing posts from groups they belong to. Or, they can certainly just go into the groups they have joined to see what is being discussed.

Thats by design... the other reason you might see messages in your "following" news feed from groups you have no connection with, is if someone you follow engages a post - ie because you have opted-in to follow someone you then get their activity included into your "Following" feed.

That makes a lot more sense, and as Scott already said it's by-design.