Praise post does not convert #tag in body into a topic - mobile users once again left behind

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Is this a bug in the Praise post:


If a #topic is added to the body of the post it does not get converted into a searchable #topic.  If you explicitly add into the topic entry box at the bottom of the post entry it does correctly get added as a searchable topic.


For desktop users this is fine but once again our mobile users - our key frontline customer facing staff appear to be short changed and left wanting.


Can the product team please focus on getting the basics right with a consistent user experience across channels - how about some thorough testing?  I'm all for new features and functionality but not at the expense of foundational elements.





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Agree it sounds like a bug.


I don't see anything about this in Uservoice


You might consider raising this as a bug via Microsoft Support, so that it gets attention and can be escalated to the product team.