Posting a Youtube Video, hiding link to video


This may be very specific, but does anyone know if it's possible to host a Youtube video but limit members from accessing/clicking the link to said Youtube video?


I know, we could always attach the video, but we want to track the number of views - which Youtube will do, and also don't want the content to be shared externally from our internal Yammer network.


Hope this makes sense! 

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Once the video is on YouTube, even unlisted, you don't have much control over that. Does your 365 license cover Office 365 Video? That would let you count views and control access.

I believe it does. We're also experimenting with 360 Live Video streaming. 


We just don't want URLs to be forwarded outside of the company. 

We have the same use case and Office 365 Video has definitely been a huge help with that. Very easy to use.