Post to this group by Email functionality


Currently, our Yammer network is set to require all posts to be confirmed when emailing to Yammer. Recently we discovered that emailing to a group not only did it not generate a confirmation email but it posted straight to the group. I also noticed the email address isn't the same as the previous formula of


Is this related to the connected groups change? Does this bypass the confirmation email settings? 

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@Dinorah Flores Thanks for posting this.


I just noticed this behavior in my tenant and so I believe the default behavior might have changed.  I did test with a test user where their notification settings are still set to Email Me When "I post a message via email (This will send a confirmation email.)" And for this user they did get a confirmation email without the message being posted to Yammer.


Perhaps check the notification settings for those users?

Thanks, Kevin. They did have their settings set to notify them. This change is confusing our users as the expectation is that they'll get a confirmation email. Additionally, users who pick a Yammer group name from the GAL thinking it's an inbox aren't aware they're posting their email to Yammer. That's definitely not ideal.