post sharepoint news to yammer

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what is the recommended way for SharePoint New article pages to get posted to yammer so that people can have a conversation about it? 

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@Dean Gross I believe the only way is to copy/paste the URL of the news page into a post in Yammer.

@Kevin Crossman FYI, i did some more research and learned that I can use Flow, with this template In my case, the selected File is a the New Article post in the Site Pages library. I'm going to test it out with a customer to see what they think

Great use of Flow! Let us know if it works well.

@Dean Gross how did that work out for you? What if the Teams/SP group is private and you want to share the news post data with the entire org without inviting 1000's of individuals to the private group?

@Dean Gross there is an update to SharePoint Online News. You can now promote your news post to one or more Yammer communities . This can be as a discussion, Q&A or poll. Its very useful. See example