Post Scheduling

Who'd be interested in scheduling Yammer posts, so that they're sent when you want them to be?
Why would you find it helpful?
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I think executives might find that of interest, but on a personal note I can't see why I would.
Part of the benefit of these social platforms is the interaction between human beings, so removing a component of that and scheduling posts feels a bit fake in my opinion.
I know it's something that's done now across Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and others (which I've done for my own blog posts to make sure I can't West US and APAC audiences), but I don't think I'd want to do it for Yammer.

Have you seen use cases from people who want to do it? Or is that what you're hoping for with this question? I'm sure there are use cases, so I'm curious to know.
The question was to test the level of interest in this feature. Although your use of this on public social media raises another question - what is it about Yammer that requires 'presence'? Shouldn't they all?
Absolutely right, however I see timed posts in the public social networks different as they are out to the public - whereas a social network like Yammer has a wall up around it and I feel I shouldn't treat the people inside that community the same way I would treat Joe Public.

I actually schedule the blog post itself - not the social posting.

I think it would be a useful feature. Perhaps limited to network admins and group admins within their own group. 


Why? Well internal communications campaigns have schedules too and why should an employee have to be at their keyboard at exactly the right time to post something when it could be scheduled ahead of time to allow them to either do something else or focus on other tasks related to the message?


Maybe I know the ideal time to post something is 2:30 in the afternoon but I also have an important meeting where I need to be present and not lost in a computer screen? Shouldn't an enterprise system support both business needs?


And it would be nice to have this natively as opposed to building some custom process in Flow.


I agree with Geoffrey, some internal comms teams would find this helpful as part of a campaign and being able to schedule this in advance alongside other activities all to occur at the same time.  Having this with inside Yammer would be helpful rather than having to use Microsoft Flow etc.  As a general feature, I'd find it of limited use myself, it kind of defeats the point as Loryan mentioned.


Just to add, I could see community managers finding it handy for say if you were having a green environmental awareness week as one example and front-loading a week's worth topics, all in one go etc.

I agree. As an internal communications manager this would be an extremely helpful feature. As others have said, sometimes I am in a meeting and trying to quickly share something on Yammer because it needs to be posted right then. It would be so nice to be able to schedule the day's announcements that morning. 


I do agree it should only be an admin feature - I wouldn't want users scheduling things then forgetting about them ... I can just see it causing some chaos if everyone had the option. 

I've often found myself wanting to schedule Yammer posts. Yet, I'm torn about introducing this dynamic into ESN interactions. We've traditionally known that a Yammer post is NOT scheduled because the capability isn't readily available. Consumer social is often attempting to amplify influence. I'd argue there is a real need within ESN to do the same. 


My sense is we will continue to need to span both high presence channels and asynchronous / scale channels. 

Attached is the basic idea - a purpose-built integration that gives you the ability to schedule messages. Best suited to community managers and groups administrators. Flow isn't required, and it can be used even if 3rd party apps are turned off. If you want to be part of the pilot trial, please get in touch!


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