Possible to set user profile photos with API?

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I would like to know if it's possible to set the Yammer user profile photos i.e. mugshots via the API. So far I have found other users on the internet asking this question a couple of years back but with no solution.

I have found a way to download them as per this helpful blog post but I have no idea how to construct the body for a POST operation.


Any pointers?



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Hi @Deleted,

AFAIK, this feature does still not exist, or isn't supported.

On the Yammer Uservoice there are uservoices as recent as January asking for photos to be programmatically managed/updated

I would raise this one to Microsoft Support for confirmation: I would expect the same response as back in 2016.

Hope that answers your question.

Best, Chris

@Deleted It's not my area of expertise, but you should be able to set the profile photo in Azure AD via programmatic means, and then that photo should flow down to Yammer.

@Christopher Hoard Thanks as always Chris. I voted for this.

@Kevin Crossman Thanks and good idea. Unfortunately, this won't work for as as we don't use Exchange Online. It's documented that EXO is required for profile photos to flow into Yammer. To my knowledge, apart from manually updating them, there's no way to change them hence why I was hoping for the Yammer API.