Possibilities for community admins to add people using a csv file is gone?

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According to these Microsoft instructions it should still be possible to add users to a community using a CSV file. But, we can't find this option any longer (see attached picture)? This is a much used feature and we have large communities that are using this regularly. 


We are not in Native mood and this needs to be managed by Community Admins and not Technology Admins.

We have a suspicion that it disappeared when we turned off the opt-in for classic Yammer.


Anyone who has any idea on how to access this feature again for community admins? 

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It is still there but (for now) only in Classic Yammer.
It looks like this option is now gone even under Classic View. The "Add From Address Book (CSV)" option is no longer there. Any suggestions on how to bulk add members for a new community without this option? If you need to add hundreds of members to a new community, doing it one at a time will be time consuming.