Poll about mobile poll in Yammer - is it full rolled out?


I am seeing on my iOS iPhone 6+ the ability to respond to polls in my Yammer groups.

Are you seeing this? If yes, what device, if no, what device.

If you're seeing it, can you create a poll or just respond to a poll?

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Just following up on this today - February 2019 ...


I told one of our enthusiastic Yammer posters in one of our cafes that she can create a poll on Yammer - I gave a demo using the iOS app ... Excitedly she fired up the app on her Android phone and searched around to change an update to a poll.  Low and behold she could only find 'update' or 'praise' but no poll.

So is the ability to create a poll missing from the Android app?  Looking online I thought it was available on both major mobile apps.




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