Play Videos from O365 Video / Stream Directly In Yammer (New Feature)


This came up on a few threads so wanted to post an official announcment. Yammer just enabled the ability for videos from O365 Video or Microsoft Stream to be played inline directly in Yammer web.


Yammer Inline Play - Full - med.gif


Try it out now…

  • Grab a player page URL from O365 Video or Stream and paste it into a Yammer post.
  • Or post to Yammer from inside of O365 Video (Player Page > Yammer comments button) or inside of Stream (Player Page > Share button > Yammer share button).

Let us know what you think of this feature and/or any other feedback you have about O365 Video or Stream.


If interested in enterprise video jump on over to the O365 Video community and join the discussion there...

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I get prompted to login, even though I am obviosuly logged-in. If I click on the login button, I get a pop up that says I am logged in and to refresh the page. Refreshing the page still shows the login button.


What OS & browser is this on? Have you tried a different browser does it still have the same issue?


If this is IE or Edge it's possible this is an internet zones issue. Maybe and aren't in the same internet zone and it's causing cross domain issues between the two services?