Picture in Conversations Yammer webpart showing blurry

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We recently experiencing Yammer pictures in SharePoint showing blurry, this is happening only for the pictures, not GIF file or video files. 

We tested on a different computer and different browsers.

Any idea?

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@Alireza Rahimifarid Screenshot?


Consider escalating through your org's Microsoft support channel.

Ours does the same thing. I figured it was out-of-the-box functionality, but if there's a way to get better quality previews, that would be great.   (Screenshot below).screencap.jpg

@SophieSue We are experiencing the same issue. Photos show up perfectly in Yammer's stand-alone application, but the SharePoint Conversations webpart shows all photos as blurry. Is this normal and expected behavior?




We already have an open ticket with Microsoft, I would recommend you guys also submit a ticket for this issue. 


After 100 days have open premier support ticket still they can't figure out.


If you want to fix it, you need to override the CSS to something like the following:
.image-969 { object-fit: scale-down !important; }

The thumbnail image that the SharePoint web part draws on is the 100x100 (or so) pixel version of the image, which is enlarged to fit the space. So becomes blurry.