Permission needed to documents posted in Yammer group

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When posting a document in a Yammer group I need to set extra persmission to the document so the group members can see the document, why is that? Why cant they view the document if I post it within the group? I need to take an extra step an set permissions to the document for all members. I thought they would see the document right after posting it? 

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Are you a verified admin in your tenancy?


In my experience (I'm not a VA) this doesn't seem like a normal Yammer imposition.

If not due to an admin action then might your orgs documents have security settings on them that surface?

I am a Verified Admin, but I have never seen this behavior, either in the group admin page or the network admin page. If this is something that is being rolled out, I would think that permissions based resource sharing would be detrimental to the growth of the network.