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Hey community! It's sometimes really important to have your pictures in a certain order on Yammer. Especially when showing a step by step process. But when you post pics, there is no way to guarantee which order they will show up in. Or which one will be featured. Is there a method to the madness? A way to manipulate this? Can't see to find any information about it. Thank you!

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Does anyone have any insights into this? :) My colleagues would love to know. 

There will be logic behind the scenes but I'm not sure of a way to game 'it' to get the images you want in the order you want.

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It seems to me to be related to the width of the pictures. The larger width are posted first. If they are all identical in pixel width (to the last dot) then they are posted in the sequence of the upload.

Thanks Simon...

This is helpful. Thank you!

Also appears that Yammer is considering allowing people to choose the order in which their pics get posted. You can vote on this enhancement here:

Thanks Alan. I did a test and it works perfect.

@Alan Boulter does not seem to work anymore with the latest version of Yammer (my test failed)