Old Colleges shown when adding members to group.

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when i add new member to a group i get a large number of old colleges in the suggested persons view.

That colleges are partially no more working in our company for more then three years, never had an on-prem AD account in our actual AD, and also never had an Office 365 account.

From where do they come and is it possible to clear that list?




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I assume you mean colleagues?
If so - do these people exist in your Outlook contacts still?

Yes, i mean colleagues. Sorry for that.


Some of them already exist in my Outlook contacts, but with different organization informationen including there E-Mail Address.

Maybe other colleagues already have old contacts in there Outlook. 

Hello  Loryan,


is the problem that colleages of mine still have old contacts in there Outlook and i see them, when i like to add members to a group?