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I'm activating users to use Office 365 Video for internal video's instead of Youtube. But when they want to share the video on Yammer, the Office 365 Video doesn't have a preview or inline player, like Youtube has.


When can we expect the inline player for Office 365 video?


Office365:Screen Shot 04-14-17 at 11.38 AM.PNG



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We are finishing up deployment on this right now.


What works now...

If you grab a player page URL from O365 Video (or Stream) and paste it into a post in Yammer it will allow for inline play of the video in Yammer. However the experience isn't optimized, yet.


You'll see a black square with play button. After you click it you can see the thumbnail of the video and can click again to play.


However if you try and post from O365 Video directly with the "Yammer comments" button the above doesn't work, yet.


What will work soon...

We are just finishing up deploying this out.


When that finishes posting an O365 Video (or Stream) player page URL in Yammer, from O365 Video, or from Stream will result in a playable video directly in Yammer (without the black extra screen / play button).


So you'll be able to post to Yammer and get inline play with the O365 Video "Yammer comments" button or in Stream with the "Share" > "Share to Yammer" button.

I spoke too soon, the full thing is done being deployed and working now on both Yammer and O365 Video.

It's working great in our tenant!