Office 365 profile photos not syncing into Yammer


Seems to be a perennial and ongoing issue.  We are on the new Yammer now, which I thought may resolve the issue.

Doesn't affect all users.

So a user can go into their profile, change their photo, it shows fine in the rest of 365 but Yammer just stays as their initials.

Then again for some its absolutely fine, mine for example shows perfectly.


Anyone else had this and know what the issue is?

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@Mike Rowland Yes.  We are also experiencing the same issue in the same setup that you describe.


We have raised a ticket with support with sample users, and their photos were updated - but this is an issue which persists across the Yammer service and needs a complete resolution, not band aid fixes on a user-by-user basis - something we have not been able to get clarity on from MSFT.


Is this still a challenge for you?

I am seeing this same issue, did you find a resolution?
Nope! Not in this configuration. AFAIK changing your network to native mode and enforcing 365 identity will solve the issue