Office 365 Identity password reset and Yammer mobile app

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Anyone able to give me an understanding of how the following scenario should work?


1)  Users assigned an F1 licence with NO email inbox - just an email username.

2) F1 users have no access to PCs and only use their mobile phones and the Yammer app.

3) Want to have their O365 identity set to expire password every 3 months

4) Will users get prompted in the Yammer app (if we have O365 identity enforced in Yammer) to change their password when it expires - or is there a re-direct to a their O365 account in a browser or will they not know their password has expired and be denied access to Yammer?




Garry @ Selfridges

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So we have done some more testing on this ...


1) On a personal iPhone with the latest version of the Yammer app and latest iOS if I reset my network password (AD) on my corporate laptop after a minor delay (sync with Azure AD) the following iOS apps will prompt for a password update - Outlook, Teams, Skype for Business and OneDrive (those are the ones I have downloaded onto my personal device).  Yammer continues to work happily with my old credentials.  If I delete the Yammer app and reinstall - Yammer continues to use my old credentials, it has my email address already visible but does not challenge for a password.  If I sign-in as another user and then type in my email address again - I then get challenged by Office 365 to login.


2) As long as I have logged into Yammer it appears that if I manually change my password on our AD instance all the typical Office 365 applications behave in the correct manner except Yammer.  If my password expires in the normal manner (as we have specified) then Yammer continues to work until I manually sign in as a different user (rather than logout and then login again) - retype my email address and then get the challenge to enter the updated password.


Surely others are seeing this behaviour?


Garry @ Selfridges