Office 365 Group connected to Yammer Group


I know this was posted sometime ago (2017) but did not find any updates on it so I am asking again.

We have had MS Teams for a while which means we have a significant amount of teams/sites already being used by departments, project teams, etc and we are planning on deploying Yammer soon. Looks like if we enforce Office 365 identity and enable the connected O365 groups setting an actual O365 group is created when a new Yammer group is created. 


But what about "adding" Yammer to existing O365 groups?. I want to use Yammer for my existing groups and not have to create a new group in Yammer which will be two separate entities. We don't seem to be able to add the Office 365 group to the membership of the Yammer group. Is this possible? Or can we make them the same?

Any updates on this? 




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@CG-1717 You cannot "add" Yammer to an existing Office 365 Group. 


When you create a new Yammer group a new Office 365 Group is created. This is (currently) the only way to have an Office 365 Group connected to Yammer.


MS says this is because when you have an email distribution list (and/or Teams) for group conversations then you've made the choice to not use Yammer's conversation mode (e.g. each "group" should only have one mode of conversation).


I feel there are times when more than one is useful and reasonable but for now the "simple conversation model" is the offering.