Office 365 connected group using a Sharepoint Communication Site

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Is there a way then when creating (or even after creation) to yammers connected SharePoint site to a Communication Site instead of the default Team Site.  In looking at microsoft documentation for planning and rollout of yammer (especially those that focus on leadership engagement they talk about creating a Communication Site to work together with your yammer group.  This actually makes sense for a lot of my use cases, since we use Yammer/Teams mostly to get the work done (barely working in the SharePoint Teams site workspace).  It just seems like it would be abetter fit for the backend sharepoint site be a Communication Site instead of the team site. 


I guess it is always a workaround to just manually do it by customizing the site with the appropriate web parts.  But it would be nice to select what template we would like to use at creation.

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Unfortunately, when you create a Yammer connected group it only creates a Team Site

And unfortunately you can’t swap it out as you can’t connect communication sites to Office 365 groups

Therefore because you can’t connect communication sites to groups you can’t set them up when you setup a Yammer connected group.

The following article suggests you may be possible to achieve this by customising - but it is unclear whether this is a supported scenario

So I would say, at the current time, the only confirmed supported scenario is to have communication sites separate from Yammer created groups.

You could always raise a uservoice for this here as I think it would be good functionality to have

Hope that answers your question.

Best, Chris

@Christopher HoardThanks for your response.  This is basically what I figured based on the searching i have been doing.  It seems a bit counter to some of the infographics, how to use, pr that microsoft has been putting out.  Speciffically slides found on this video and this powerpoint.  Basically it seems like what you have is a team site and a communication site for basically everything which seems a little overboard, for smaller business.  The nice thing is with the webparts you can get something similar from a team site, but it isn't full width and you cant get the navigation (purely aesthetics and UI though).  Anyway, i think this is the route I will go since it doesn't make sens to have two sharepoint sites for a single purpose.


unless i am just missing something it just seems like, especially for yammer groups, in many circumstances it would just make more sense to have the sharepoint site be a communication site instead of the traditional teams site.

I agree!

Thanks for confirming and letting me help to confirm your ideas. It would be a good thing to add to the uservoice for sure.

Best, Chris