O365 migration issue with Yammer accounts

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I have gone through many posts and am not seeing exactly what I need to try and help resolve this issue. We are moving to O365. The tenant is set up and all looks good there. We added the domain abc.com and added the text record and verified the domain. So far so good. Set up ADConnect and got the users all added.


Got a call a couple days later. People can no longer get into their yammer accounts. When they go to yammer.com and type in their user name fred@abc.com they are redirected to O365. Seems that yammer was missed as an application that was in use so we now have missing yammer information. 

In hopefully a faster way to get users back in and so we can work on a plan to get the data from yammer, we pulled the domain from the tenant. It took a little while, but going to yammer.com and entering the fred@abc.com does not redirect to O365. 

The problem is it also does not take them into their old account. I get the message bad user name or password. I tried a password reset on a user and do not see the email coming through. The kicker is that the admin was using hr@abc.com, so their account does not work either. That account also was not an 0365 account but is an email alias, as a FYI.

I am going to see the process that was being used to create the accounts, but is there any way that I can get the users logged in again? What happened to the accounts that were in use? I am working right now to see how yammer was set up before to hopefully get more information. 


Thanks in advance for any ideas how to get the information back and how this works




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strongly recommend you engage Microsoft Support for this question.