O365 connected Yammer groups & 2500 limit

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This is not something I can easily test. Understand that in Teams the limit will prevent other users from accessing anything inside the Team/O365 group. You can only access Teams by clicking on the "join" button.


  1. Yammer allows users to see and join the conversations without having to join the group. Is this also the case when you reach the 2500 limit (i.e. this is the limit for O365 groups)?
  2. Am I correct to assume that existing Yammer groups with more than 2500 members won't be converted to O365 connected Yammer groups even if all the other requirements are met (admin can create O365 groups, O365 identities enforced, 1:1 tenant:network)? 
  3. How can we create a normal public Yammer group and make sure that we don't have the issue with the 2500 limit?
  4. Are there any plans to remove or increase the 2500 limit? 
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There is not a 2500 limit to groups and or yammer. The only thing with 2500 limit is a Team in Microsoft Teams. Was looking for an official document, but here is a comment from a Microsoft Employee on the question from a Yammer AMA.