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I am trying to implement Yammer in my company. We are thinking about going with having Yammer groups as O365 groups. In this session they say that we can have 200,000 members in the same community: 

However, the O365 group limitation is 1000 users. Are we able to store 10,000 users in the same community in Yammer? Are we going to be restricted by the O365 group size limit? Would it be better not to go with O365 groups in that case? 



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@bri992 You can absolutely have that number in one Yammer network!  It was designed for groups even larger than that.  :)


The entire Yammer community isn't housed within a single O365 Group, so you do not have that restriction on a Yammer network.

@bri992 that 1000 number is far far below the limit for the number of users in an Office 365 Group. Teams (based on groups) now supports up to 5000, and with Yammer the number is much higher. We have Yammer groups in our tenant with 9000+ members.


Dynamic Yammer groups can have up to 100,000 members.

@Kevin Crossmanthank you. But Dynamics groups are the same as Office 365 groups? When I read dynamic groups in the documentation, how do I know which one they're talking about? native yammer groups vs yammer groups as O365 groups? 


When I have Yammer groups in native mode, so they are using O365 groups in the backend, aren't they restricted by the Office 365 groups size limitation? 


@Tom_Kretzmer but when my Yammer groups are stored as Office 365 groups, don't they have the size limitation of Teams?
Plus the wording is confusing in the documentation, when they say:
it says: Number of members is More than 1,000, though only 1,000 can access the Group conversations concurrently.
What does it mean more than 1,000? 2,000 is more than 1,000 and 1 Billion is more than 1,000.
How can a Microsoft team have 5,000 members while the group itself is limited to 1,000? I am just confused :S

@bri992 "Dynamic Groups" can be Security Groups or Office 365 Groups.  Because you're using Yammer, they would be O365 Groups.


>aren't they restricted by the Office 365 groups size limitation? 

I suppose, but the member levels are really high for O365 Groups as I've already noted.

@bri992 "Group Conversations" means the Outlook distribution list in that context. Not Yammer group/community conversations.

@bri992 Agree that it can be confusing.  Here is my understanding, which is limited.


There can be 2 types of groups in Yammer:  Microsoft 365-connected groups, and classic Yammer groups.  


For Microsoft 365-connected groups, yes, it is using a similar technology under the hood to support it as is used for Teams, and there will be similar limitations.  As Kevin noted, you can have MANY users in the group, but you can't have > 1,000 using the group actively all at the same time.  Like a bulletin board can be read by the whole company as they walk by, but you can't have 10,000 people standing at the board looking at it together.  It gets crowded.  (The documentation even says, "Users might notice delays when accessing the calendar and conversations in very large groups in Outlook."  So, crowded.)  That's a lot of concurrent activity, for example supporting an all-hands meeting.


For Yammer classic groups, my understanding is that any limit is theoretical more than practical; they don't really make organizations that large.  There are fewer features, as well as fewer limits.  This is for your very active groups.


So, as like many technologies, what you use depends on your use case:  what you want to use it for.


Does that help?

@Tom_Kretzmer I for sure have several Office 365 Groups-based Yammer Groups with lots more than 1000 users. I don't know that I've had 1000 plus try to use Yammer at the same time, but I do not believe that the "conversations" limitations referenced in this thread apply to Yammer (or Teams) when the membership is more than 1000.