Notifying outer loop of new groups

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For organizations that have never used yammer, what is the recommended method to notify large numbers of people that there is a new Yammer group that they should join?

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I would use any means available to direct people toward the new Yammer group: Definitely an announcement or regular post right in Yammer with a link to the group, but also use email, in-person meetings, SharePoint, etc. 


Whatever you do, be sure to include the "What's In It For Me?" reasons--especially if the org is brand new to Yammer as a whole. Why should people take that step to join the group? What purpose does it have, and what will they get from it?


If you already have people in the group with conversations going, you can provide text examples of Q&A or topics being discussed, or toss up a PowerPoint or Sway with visual examples if you're in a meeting. We do this in our in-person Town Hall meetings.


People like to join places that already have people. It may be necessary to let the group simmer a bit and identify or coach power users to make it seem alive.


A "share" of an announcement or first post from the new group to:

 - related groups (don't forget to mark related groups as related in the right sidebar)

 - all company


And to promote the groups via other means your org might employ (intranet, newsletters, email distribution lists, etc.)

@Kevin Crossmanand @Deleted thanks, my customer thinks that they should use a Dynamic Group that contains all of the full time employees to force everyone into the yammer group. Is this a good idea?

Depends on the use case. We have groups we put people in and keep them there and others that we add them to once and if they choose to leave that’s up to them.

If this group is designated a "the" place for all employee announcements and such, then yes I do think that's a good idea (and to make it dynamic so they can't leave the group).  Make sure to disable that group from the global address list so that someone doesn't email the entire company...

I agree that it could work; after all, "All Company" has everyone by default as well. You might want to make a "You're all now in this group because of X reasons" part of whatever other announcements you have about it.