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Hi, there is no option for administrators how to disable creating new Yammer Groups to end users. Is there any option how to track created Yammer Groups - alerts, notifications, audit logs?

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We use the monitor keywords list to keep track of new groups.  Just add "has created the" to the list of keywords to monitor.  You'll get an email whenever a new group is created, because there's a post of "John Doe has created the such-and-such group" for all new groups.


The monitor keywords option is in the network admin area.

Hi Kelly, thank you for your fast and useful tip. I hoped that there will be "normal" functionality as auditing or reporting but this is good workaround. :)

@Deleted Thanks for the tip but this works only if a public group is created. How do we monitor private groups? 




@Vish Shivarudra Setty  did you check this thread?


Looks like you can create an alert in the security & compliance center, but there are some manual tasks as well. You need custom code if you want a better solution. 


My 2 cents: always advice my customers not to worry about this. As soon as you reach out to someone because they created a private group in Yammer, what will happen is that they will create a group in Whatsapp, Facebook workplace, Slack etc. instead. 

@Pooya Obbohat Thanks for the link reference. I will look into it. 


Regarding reaching out to them when a group is created, you make a good point. We certainly don't want people to get turned away from using Yammer but we have strict rules from the Legal team to know what's going on so I wanted a simple solution to get notified and be aware of what's happening in the Yammer world. Appreciate your time and info on this. 




@Vish Shivarudra SettyI'm also looking for a way to manage the creation of groups or at least create a Flow that will send an email to the user who created the group. Has anyone been successful in setting up a Flow to help govern Yammer?