Newly Joined Users username wierdness

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We've just launched Yammer internally, and we're getting good numbers joining up everyday however some users are joining with odd usernames:


For example instead of showing "John Smith" the username would be johnsmith it doesn't look great as it's not user friendly and is a bit confronting for new users, what can we do to fix it?


I remember there used to be a setting somewhere where people could choose old style usernames (or something similar) but I've had a look and I can't find it. Ideally we'd like it too be consistent for everyone, currently it just seems a bit random as to who gets the full name displayed and who get a short name.




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I've seen that in a customer tenant myself, but didn't really investigate.
For the users where the username is showing up as "johnsmith" does anything look out of sorts in their AD account when it comes to display name?

We encountered this and were able to conclude that it happens when folks log in to O365 and join Yammer by clicking on the Yammer tile vs. visiting directly.  You may want to test out the scenario and see if it's the same on your end - our materials instruct users to visit to access our network, so it's less of a concern for our network in particular. I would agree with Loryan, it may be worth checking the AD profile to isolate which field is being populated.

please check

Do you have enabled "Enforce Office 365 identity" in Yammer Admin Center->Security Settings?

Yes, we do have Enforce Office 365 Identity enabled.


Our sign-up instructions tell people to go to 


I'll get someone to check AD, but given their display name is the same everywhere else, I can't see if being that.


As I said, displaying names like this this used to be an option within Yammer but appears to have disappeared, maybe it's a back-end switch only. I might log a support request.

Try this:


1.)  Go to your export and find all the weird names.  


2.)  Get a list of all the email addresses of these weird names.


3.)  Perform a bulk update through network administration.  The Action is update, put the email address in the Email Address column, and then the "nice" name in the Full Name field.  You can leave out the other 3 columns.


You'll get a report when the bulk update is done.  You should start to see the updated names within an hour or so.


Please let us know how this works for you.






Thanks Tom, I've just checked the full name is fine in the export, which confirms my thoughts it's a Yammer display issue rather than a Active Directory data issue.


I'm going to log a ticket and I'll let you guys know the response.

Microsoft have confirmed their is a bug which is being worked on.


In the meantime the workaround is to do the bulk update, which to be honest is fine for one or two individuals, but given we're got 600 people who we're promoting Yammer to and it's a fairly high percentage that are getting created wrong, I can't have people monitoring for every wrongly created user and fixing it.


Hopefully the fix doesn't take too long!

Same Issue here, 1 out of 21 users is jsmith instead of John Smith.
Why is that and how can I solve it?