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So in the new Yammer when you click a user its missing most of the information on the right side of the screen we previously had in the original Yammer such as, basic user info, several fields under info including location, etc.  This I can live with however seems strange we don't have an option to enable these fields, seems overly simplified.  More importantly what happend to Following, Followers, and Following topics?  How does this make any sense to remove these?  The profile page feels like a mistake in its current incarnation.  How does an employee manage the topics they are following under the new Yammer?

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Is this forum dead?  There are no replies to the more recent posts.  Maybe I need to open a support ticket?  Never seen such a dead forum in Microsoft.  This is sad.



This is really a great form.  Lots of activity in here.  

@Dudditz  I also have this same question and I wonder why no one has responded yet. 

Hi @Katie O'Leary , nice to see someone is alive in this community.  It looks like the New Yammer is missing a few items from the original yammer, see here. which identifies the people experience.  In limited testing we are also seeing the home feed seems awkward in its implementation.  There is no documentation that goes into detail on what posts will land in this feed and with limited testing we are seeing not much hitting it at all resulting in having to frequently flip to all conversations.  The home feed for us seems to be 24 - 48 hours behind and does not seem to be real-time.  

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The new Yammer uses the standard Office 365 Profile card which brings it in line with other Office 365 applications such as Outlook and SharePoint. Recently Microsoft has added support to add some extra fields to the card, announcement is here and a good guide on adding the fields using Graph Explorer is here.

@AndrewT Hello - yes we are aware that the Yammer profile when you hover over a person is the standard O365 profile card. It is a nice addition and it's good that it aligns with other applications. However, we are talking about the page you land on when you click on someone's name in Yammer. This page used to have details like who they followed and who followed them. Our question is whether these important fields are coming back. Otherwise how can you manage who you follow?


Also @Dudditz also brought up the home feed. I agree with him that it would be really helpful if Microsoft explained the algorithm of which threads end up here. I asked a MS employee recently and this is what she said to me "The Home Feed shows you posts from all the communities you’re in, and people and topics you’ve followed. Additionally it shows you a mix of communities and conversations you may be interested in based on your interactions. That’s the powered by AI aspect. The team is currently working on giving individuals the ability to mute conversations in their home feeds." I personally am not seeing the 24-48 hour delay in the home feed. But maybe I am not checking the details. I am seeing mainly posts from communities I am a member of. 


@Kevin Crossman 

@Katie O'Leary  We have a ticket open regarding the home feed and why it seems to be so delayed.  Still, without some documented criteria on how posts are populated based upon the algorithm its hard to understand if its working correctly or not.  The missing details on the employee profile page such as Following and Followers are a big deal and we would like to see these come back.  These are staples in most social networking platforms and it seems awkward that they are missing.


@AndrewT We will review the link you provided, than you for this input.

@Katie O'Leary Totally agree they need to bring back the follows/following information for users. I did notice just now that you can still do it through the Yammer Mobile App (and that the Office 365 profile card isn't there at the moment...) so hopefully that functionality will come back to the web app soon