New Yammer Private content mode


How does the private content mode works in the new Yammer?


As an Admin, I can enable it but it doesn't grant me access to private groups.


If I rollback to the old UI, it works.


Am I missing something or this feature is not yet available / fully functional?


Also, where am I supposed to see group analytics?



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Private Content Mode is not yet available in New Yammer yet.

 @Kevin Crossman Will it be? And soon? Private Content Mode is beneficial when you need to quickly identify the admin to a private group or help a user with a private group. Additionally, I have monitored words I track that sometimes link to private groups. If I can't click thru to the group, I can't see where the conversation is originating.

@Kevin Crossman the private content mode is very useful for moderators when it comes to managing the private communities and having access to the content in there is very helpful. Can you confirm for us by when this will be available in the new Yammer?

Appreciate your help!

@Kiran_venugopal Microsoft hasn't announced a timeline for this mode in New Yammer (note: I am a Microsoft MVP and do not work for Microsoft/Yammer).

@Kevin Crossman Thanks Kevin, I appreciate you responding. :lol:

This is a critical functionality for our verified admins who need to be able to go in and monitor conversations and communities that may be setup against our internal social policies. The only way that I'm currently seeing as an option around this is revert out environment to allow users to switch back and forth between the old and new Yammer (so admins can jump between) and then save the environment back into the forced New Yammer space. This seems like a pretty awful option. Am I missing other options?