New Yammer Network mobility Access

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After Office 365 Yammer Group moved to, what will happen to the existing Yammer network, especially we all lose access to Office 365 Yammer Network on the Mobile APP?

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"The current Office 365 Network will permanently redirect to the new community starting September 1, 2016."


After that all those threads will be unavailable, I guess.

Yes, Microsoft will bring over threads and topics that they feel are pertinent, but if there's anything in particular from that network that you want to save, especially from any non-Microsoft-created group, copy'n'paste to a doc soon.

Thanks. If i understand correctly, since it is a backend redirect, I hope no action required from Yammer Mobile Client, and it will continue to work. For the desktop, how do we location, will it show as a External Network or we always have to go to I dont own any groups, so i am not worried about but suprising to hear copy and paste? So if someone has 10k post, comments, etc require copy and paste?


Hi @Darwin Jebha - this is a new platform that this community site - - is running on, so it's no longer powered by Yammer.


From September 1 2016 onwards you'll need to navigate to it difreclty through your browser, it's not accessbile via the Yammer app. It's possible in the future, a mobile app will be available specifically for this communty.


This chnage won't affect your home Yamer network or any other Yammer external networks to which you are a member, it's only this Office 365 community that is changing.

Thanks for the details. But this transition is not great to me, these might have been better. However, what will happen if a company has MFA on the tenant? In order to access this network, MFA is required which creates bad user experience.

Since this network is just a publicly accessible website, it is subject to whatever practices your organization uses for employees to access the public internet through their browsers.