New Yammer Home Feed


I guess we all can agree that the New Yammer Home Feed is confusing! There is no chance for users to keep up with what is happening as the most recent posts don't show up immediately, if ever. This is a very big step backwards in development from the old Classic Yammer...!!!


The option to switch the feed to All Conversations is good but the problem is, you have to do it every time. Is there a way for users to make the All Conversations feed as default feed instead of the confusing Home Feed?

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@Mattias Skog Take a look at this blog post about what makes up the feed and where we are headed, Also the PM for the feeds is watching those comments more closely, so It might be good to ask there if you have additional questions! 

I'm sorry, @Allison Michels, but that article does not answer my question...

There is not a way to change the default Feed to All conversations currently

Hi @AndrewT , there must be a way to set it to "all" conversations because for some reason, every community I look at returns all the conversations. I have to manually switch to "new conversations" or change the "all" to "new" in the url.

I'm trying to figure out how to go back to "new conversations".

Major update on how the Yammer Feed works and what's included and why.