New Message Moving Functionality?


Looking at a private message in Yammer today, I saw what I think is a new "Move to Group" button. I am attaching an image of the button, and an image of what happens when I click on the button. Is this new, or is it just my imagination...once again...running away with me?

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Moving a Private Message to a group has been around for a couple of years, sorry :)'s new to me, because I only noticed it today! Ugh...sorry right back at ya.
So when will this be introduced for All Network posts???

All we have at this point is this UserVoice update posted yesterday. No word on timing. 

This is a feature I have used on many occassions (pre 2017) - however - in the last 3 months it has been throwing up an error "There was an error moving this conversation. Please try again."

We use Yammer as a VLE within our school - hence - I am often brought into a Private Message (conversation) with up to 100 students and >600 or so messages - with the request "how do we rid of this".


I have a standard public Group called "To Be Deleted" - which I would normally use to "Move to Group" - however it now fails.


Is anyone else experiencing this error?