New meme: "Email is the cockroach of the technology world," Jocelyn Glei author of "Unsubscribe"

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A little levity for the community.


Author Jocelyn Glei (@jkglei) quipped, "Email is the cockroach of the technology world," today on NPR's All Things Considered. She was interviewed about her new book, "Unsubscribe: How to Kill Email Anxiety, Avoid Distractions, and Get Real Work Done.Glei cites stats Yammer community members are far too familiar with: people checking email about 11 times an hour and processing122 messages a day on average.


Her thesis: "email is ... it's one of the last sort of great unowned pieces of technology that operates behind the scenes on the internet," and that nothing's going to kill it. Even with new collaboration platforms (mentions Slack & Facebook Workplace - no Yammer mention :frowning_face: ) The book talks about breaking email addiction and offers productivity tips.


The interview: (quip at 1:32)


It's election season, so take action now!

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I just like @Loryan Strant love it too!


And I also reflect on the 'nothing's gonna kill it'.


Like the legal requirement of a company to do things (notify you) before taking recovery/legal action, email is the way your company confirms you were sent their communication/directive. Whether you did receive it or read it is another matter and mostly irrelevant to that requirement.


The (pleasing) lack of formality around community tools sees them assigned to the less serious and not appropriate for certain communications bundle.


Again, nothing's gonna kill it? We dare to dream.