New in Yammer—building a more connected and engaged organization

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Yammer empowers every person in your company with an open space to connect, share and work out loud. With 70 percent annual growth in active groups, there’s greater momentum in Yammer than ever before. Yammer and SharePoint have always been natural complements, because together they deliver powerful connections and discoveries of people, content and information. Today, during the SharePoint Virtual Summit, we unveiled several new capabilities that make it easier to connect and engage through Yammer, whoever and wherever you are in the organization.


Productive conversations can arise from anywhere you do your work. Last year, we enabled a more seamless document sharing capability across the Office 365 suite, including SharePoint, while collaborating in Yammer. You can now enrich your new SharePoint communication sites with a conversational layer by using the existing Yammer embed capability, triggering contextually relevant discussions and increasing the virality of your content.




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Exciting to hear about communication sites! Glad to see Yammer legitimized with richer integration with SharePoint.

Just so I am clear, this is not a new Yammer feature correct? It is the Yammer Embed which has not been improved or enhanced in many years.


I would love better integration of Yammer and Sharepoint where there is more control over the integration look and feel and the yammer feed was *part of the page* not in its own scroll box, i.e. like facebook, twitter, and all social feed sites work.

@Eric Starker to @Rob O'Keefe's point... I thought I saw some improvement with links taking the user directly into the conversation and the embed pane looking a bit more seamless?