New Group Creation Process in Mobile - is everyone seeing it?


There's a new group creation step through process on the iOS version of the Yammer app. Is everyone seeing this on every device? If you are seeing it, what device? If not, what device.

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I am seeing it! At first I wasn't sure where to look - that is until I scrolled alllll the way to the bottom of my groups. Was this recently out in the update yesterday? I don't typically scroll to the bottom of all my groups so for all I know it could've been there forever.

I'm on iOS.
I can see it in iOS on an iPhone but not on a iPad. However the iPad app can finally access external groups so that's encouraging.

I think it has been there for a while, but the steps to go through to create the group are new.

True. They are bringing the mobile app up to parity with the browser little by little. Very encouraging indeed.

Has this feature been disabled, cause I don't see how to create a group on my iPhone?
Don't worry about me, I see it have to scroll to the end of My Groups to see the selection