New feature: Group types in Yammer MC126819

I saw the post in the admin centre to say that Yammer will ask you to apply a type to the new group you create. Can anyone confirm what will be used as there are two links floating around on Yammer services update group that show different set ups? Nouns: Verbs: I'd like to be able to give our users the heads up as to what is coming but confused as to what they will see when this feature goes live.
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Not sure as the documentation is not clear.

Just an update on this one I logged it to Premier support to get some clarity and apparently they will be A/B testing both for a while so I guess a user could see either or till Product team decide.

Unhelpful that the rollout message didn't mention the A/B testing.  That's an unforced error on the Yammer side.

I think there needs to be better comms around changes like this especially when it comes from the Admin centre as a change I took it as read this was an actual change not a test of terms before it was decided. I have to somehow relay this to a user base of 11,000 Yammer users.