New Conversation' or an 'Announcement' in multiple Groups in Yammer

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Hi Yammer Team,


Anyone can advise, how  New Conversation   or an 'Announcement'  occurs in multiple Groups in Yammer  ?  Is that features also avialble for cross funtional Group ?

As I know we can share new Conversation in Multiple Channels of MS Team, That's really good feature. 

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@AmareshSahoo Yammer does not support creating one message and having it posted to multiple groups. After the message is posted you can use the Share command to push a notice into other groups, but that's a separate, manual process.

Thanks Kevin for your latest answer. I wondered if it is possible in "Microsoft Teams" for multiple channel posting, why not possible in Yammer . It should be developed by Microsoft Development Team in near future. Hope it gives chalenges to MS to create new things.

Cross-posting would be a hugely beneficial feature, we have given this feedback before and I'd hope to see it soon in Yammer. Sharing a post allows conversations to split and we see cases where an answer is only provided in one thread. 


Like many things for Yammer it depends on the scale of the tenant; we have +80,000 members, and a better way to controlling fragmented threads would really help us. What puzzles me is why the cross-posting cannot be simply addressed. Everything in Yammer is ID-based, so posting into two or more places simultaneously is quite an easy add to Yammer.