New Azure B2B Guests in Yammer


Please use this page to share feedback for the new Azure B2B Guest private preview.

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Hi @Salil_Kakkar, I'm setting up a new external community, and happy to use the new Yammer UI, but external guests get only the old UI.

Can this be prevented in any way, and if not: when will this be fixed?

Thanks in advance for your follow up!




@Bart Van Roey

Hey Bart,

From reading the link below, They don't have B2B guest for yammer set up in the new UI yet:


"The new B2B Guest support is currently available for Classic Yammer only. Users need to stay in Classic Yammer via the Preview toggle in the suite header. Support for B2B guests in the new Yammer interface is coming soon! Native Mode for Microsoft 365 for Yammer is a pre-requisite to enable the new B2B Guest private preview."



Hello @Salil_Kakkar I have applied to be a part of the Azure B2B guests in Yammer preview on behalf of my company, but have not heard from anyone. Is this preview closed or is there still an opportunity to participate. Thank you


@Salil_Kakkar My company's Yammer is in Native mode and we are looking to create an Extranet because most of our companies 160 locations have email service outside of our Office 365 network. This means more than half our users would be external even though they are part of the company. SharePoint doesn't allow for newfeeds, so the Yammer webpart is the only source for creating conversation feeds. I have filled out the form to be a part of this preview. Has it started? Is there anyway we can be a part of it? This is the missing piece to our SharePoint site and creating an external network will create a ton of confusion due to the lack of Azure AD not being the source of authority for the users. Please allow us to be a part of this preview. Thank You.