New Azure B2B Guests in Yammer


Please use this page to share feedback for the new Azure B2B Guest private preview.

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Hi @Salil_Kakkar, I'm setting up a new external community, and happy to use the new Yammer UI, but external guests get only the old UI.

Can this be prevented in any way, and if not: when will this be fixed?

Thanks in advance for your follow up!



@Bart Van Roey

Hey Bart,

From reading the link below, They don't have B2B guest for yammer set up in the new UI yet:


"The new B2B Guest support is currently available for Classic Yammer only. Users need to stay in Classic Yammer via the Preview toggle in the suite header. Support for B2B guests in the new Yammer interface is coming soon! Native Mode for Microsoft 365 for Yammer is a pre-requisite to enable the new B2B Guest private preview."


Hello @Salil_Kakkar I have applied to be a part of the Azure B2B guests in Yammer preview on behalf of my company, but have not heard from anyone. Is this preview closed or is there still an opportunity to participate. Thank you

@Salil_Kakkar My company's Yammer is in Native mode and we are looking to create an Extranet because most of our companies 160 locations have email service outside of our Office 365 network. This means more than half our users would be external even though they are part of the company. SharePoint doesn't allow for newfeeds, so the Yammer webpart is the only source for creating conversation feeds. I have filled out the form to be a part of this preview. Has it started? Is there anyway we can be a part of it? This is the missing piece to our SharePoint site and creating an external network will create a ton of confusion due to the lack of Azure AD not being the source of authority for the users. Please allow us to be a part of this preview. Thank You.

@Bart Van Roey the New B2B Guests in Yammer available in private preview now (Classic Yammer UI). We are working hard to enable the new Yammer experience (UI) for B2B Guests in Yammer. Please stay tuned for updates!

@KRKHiram we have received an overwhelming response for the private preview program. We are processing the preview request in batches.


Please feel free to reach out to me directly with your tenant details, so we can confirm the request status.

Hi @Salil_Kakkar, my company (A) has recently merged with another company (B). We are about to begin migrating all user accounts from A's domain to B's domain. Both A and B have Yammer networks. We have applied for company B to be added to the B2B preview. Once we are added to the preview, we want to create a dynamic group (DG01) in B that will include all users in A as guests. Let's say:


- my user in A has not been migrated to B's domain yet

- I am currently logged in to the Yammer network in A

- Now someone makes an announcement in DG01

- I receive an email notification for it


Will I be able to log in to the Yammer network in B and read the announcement while also being logged in to my Yammer network in A?


It's not clear to us what the user experience will be for someone logged in to both networks at once.


Thanks in advance for any feedback.



@Barry Shultz  Question: Are both networks in Native mode?

@KRKHiram The Yammer network in B is in native mode, but the Yammer network in A is not in native mode currently. If migrating the Network in A to native mode will give us an advantage in our scenario, we will consider doing the migration.

Dear @Salil_Kakkar,

I have also applied for Yammer Preview for my tenant and also I have not received any updates. This is a feature that is needed for one of my big customers and they are pressing for this. So it would be awesome if we could enable this feature so I can set it up, test it and present it to my customer for deployment, as this customer has stations around the world. What details do you require from my tenant and how do I send them to you?

@Salil_Kakkar Our Yammer network is in US Geo, has been in Native Mode for 7 days and 48 hours ago I enabled community admins to allow external users. We have set new UI to be the default, with option to go back to classic Yammer. We have literally thousands of B2B Guests enrolled in Azure AD, but I'm not getting offered any to add to Communities I admin (or when logged in as Global Admin).


Should I wait a bit longer or is there something else I need to do? We've had no problem adding B2B Guests to use SPO sites and/or Shared Teams.


Do the B2B Guests have to come from tenants where their Yammer is in Native Mode?


This maybe what we're looking for:


I have a tenant that not only has our employees ( but also as guest has many other companies ( and some that have emails with @gmail or @yahoo. My question is, for native mode (or the New Azure B2B Guests) in Yammer, will all these users be able to connect if they are guest in my AAD? (all of our gues show an email address of


I was going to test it, but became afraid that if I move Yammer to Native Mode and it doesn't work, I won't be able to put it back to Non-Native mode.

Experimenting with the new B2B experience.
See two major issues for us.
1. Links for the external users are using the old Yammer linking, which means communications must be done separately for them as all other users are on the new experience.

2. MS Stream shared content isn't available due to lack of guest integration there. I'm pretty annoyed with the Stream team there as the solution seems to be to switch to Sharepoint video sharing, which still hasn't got enough capabilities to be considered any kind of real replacement. 

The latter is of course not a Yammer issue, but as Stream is an important part of our social experience, the impact is mainly there.

I enabled the new feature yesterday but I still get "Sorry, something went wrong. Please try again" when I try to add an external user to a community.

Is there something I'm missing?



I am supporting a large UK company with a Yammer deployment. We are looking for insights and lessons learned, on both moving to native mode and use of the Azure B2B guest capability (especially for large user numbers like company mergers).  If anyone can share any insights please do reach out to me at richardmgera at outlook dot com.  Even a 30 minute call would be invaluable to us! Cheers.