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Hi all, I'm looking for a little advice on running the native mode alignment tool. We are looking to trial Yammer, on our tenant that was setup in 2018. Until now Yammer has not been used. In general Native mode looks like what we should be aiming for from the start, so aiming to run the tool. I have two items on the checklist that I'm wondering if anyone can clarify :


  1. "All Company" group will be made an Office 365 connected group with the Verified Admins of this network as group owners.

Will this group be visible in any other clients outside of Yammer, i.e. Outlook?


2. Groups that don’t have an owner with Office 365 Group creation rights will have the owner set to xxxx so that these groups can be connected. Users without Office 365 Group creation rights won’t be able to create groups in Yammer.


Does this refer to Yammer groups that have an owner that doesn't have group creation rights? If so that is not an issue as we have no yammer groups yet and everyone has group creation rights. My worry is that we have many Office 365 groups (not connected to Yammer) that may currently be owner-less, and while I want to fix that in the future, I don't want this tool to assign my admin account to them all.





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