My Users are struggling with inability to sort Yammer chronologically

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We transitioned for and Chatter about 10 months ago... and our users are very unhappy and are making that very clear to our executive leadership. Through many discussions I can narrow down the majority of the utter disappointment in Yammer to solely not being able to sort a feed for all groups a user is a member of in chronological order. This is key to the way our users need to disseminate information across the on average 35+ groups they belong to for different products, brands, initiatives etc. I have commented and voted for the idea in the idea portal regarding this- however the last update from Microsoft was "they have read this" back in 2017 and they were "sorry they missed the mark."  We have attempted to train in a multitude of ways to get people on board with the algorithmic way of posts being shown, but it just isn't going to happen- the desire for chronological sort is too strong- at this point our leadership is considering a drastic move away from several Microsoft applications as a result of this one lacking feature. Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions-  I don't see much being worked on in the Yammer space on the road map and am not encouraged.  

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I'd actually like this feature suggestion as well. I think it is challenging when a post that is not so 'important' gets attention over newer posts because someone has commented on it. We are at the mercy of the algorithm. 


I see that you've posted it to user voice (I just looked for it and added a like to the suggestion).


If your leadership aren't happy with it, that is a critical challenge. I'd say you either need to demonstrate why Yammer is the best choice over other options (if it is) using data based on organisational needs. Also need to consider, out of all the features how critical is this one, how much is impacting the user base, and can reeducation / change management help work through it.


Hope that is in some way helpful.

Thanks Rebecca-  you are exactly right we are at the mercy of the algorithm and for some use cases that is just not the best business practice!

To clarify: the complaint is that the list of groups on the left nav are in popularity order (your most frequently participated group is on top) rather than A-Z alpha sorting. Is that correct?

No- our issue is the posts either in an individual group or in one of the feeds are not chronological or you don’t have the option to choose chronological vs relevant. Also would be helpful to have a feed that shows only groups you belong to or people you follow.
The only feed that should be applying relevance is the Discovery feed. On the main Yammer home feed the All and Following feeds should be chronological (based on last comment) but I do see cases where Following will oddly skip some posts which I have never quite figured out. They do show up fine in group unread counts so I know when that happens.

Likewise I would expect the group feed for either New Conversations or All Conversations to be chronological.

Posts inside Groups - first it shows you only threads you have not read (regardless of chronology) - "New Conversations" with the most recently updated thread on the top.


IF you click "All Conversations" it should also show you the most recently updated thread at the top. Most recent comment - not based on the date of the first post in the thread.


In theory - this is a GREAT feature. I don't have to read all the posts to see what I've missed. I only read the "new" threads.


>a feed that shows only groups you belong to

That's the left nav list of groups


> or people you follow. 

That's the Following feed


Hope this helps.

OK I am now a little confused----  because I was going to quickly say that is not the case for me- but when I look today it appears to be in chronological order!  On the following feed- I am going to have to do some playing around with it some more- but if it stays like this- it is much improved!  The next complaint I will get ;) will be 1/2 the users saying they don't want posts to come back to the top when responded to- but the other 1/2 will want it that way- you can never please everyone!

I am not sure if my feeds are possessed or what- but in looking at my Following feed today there are posts in groups I belong to that have been posted and commented on in just the last 10 minutes that are not showing in my following feed- many of them... (and it is not because I have viewed the posts because I was having another user check for posts just to make sure it wasn't me viewing them that was knocking them off my list- but regardless- our users want to see chronological regardless if they have viewed or not!) so NO- the following feed is not purely showing me all posts/responses for all groups I am in (or people I follow) based on the last commented (or posted if no comments) date-----   this is what our users are desperate for! 

Correct. The Following does not show new posts from Groups you are a member of, unless those are posts from People or Topics/Tags you are following.  It used to work that way, but doesn't anymore.