My "following" feed seens to be crazy

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I don't understand how does it work...

"See only conversations involving people, or topics that you are following" but is there some complementary rules ?

For example : I follow "Alice", she writes a message in a private group (I'm also member of this group) but i don't see her message in my "following" feed...

Help me ! I'm lost

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I also have been noticing the following feed doing odd things. One thing is that I have post there where there are no topics so that is ruled out, I am not following any of the people in the conversation, and there are no files i am following. The only common thing is that I, myself have replied to that conversation or I started it. So does the following feed also show you convos you are involved in?

Yes, I have all conversations that I'm involved in.
It will show you any conversations with people or topics you follow. Maybe files too, but I'll need to double check. It also shows you conversations that you've posted in.

@Alexandre - My guess is that it should have conversations from private groups assuming you're a member. I'll follow that one up.
I've spoken to the team and they want to investigate further. Are you able to log a ticket with support?