My External Network shows up in Related Networks. I have an idea to modify that.

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Thinking out loud:


I recently realized that my External Network, built for our customers, shows up in the Related Networks directory that probably anyone can access.


Mind you, it's extremely unlikely that anyone who isn't one of our customers will want to join, but still.


When I train my colleagues on Yammer, I start with our Home Network. I then tell them to "Browse External Networks" when they're ready to join our External Network to see what our customers are saying. It's easy, for they don't have to type or paste in anything.


The quickest solution is of course to remove my EN listing from the directory and change my training (which I have done).


But I have this suggestion: Show our own external networks as before, but only within a corporate domain directory. No outsiders can see it.



Does that make sense? Is that feasible?

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