multiple yammer group posting

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how do i cross post to 15+ yammer groups without having to click share 15+ each time?

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There's not a way to do this that I am aware of. You may want to work with the community managers for the communities where you're posting the initial post and ask the community managers to share it for you with their comment or thoughts on your post. That might feel more authentic.
This seems like an easy functionality add for Microsoft, I am surprised they haven't already added tbh!
What is your use case for posting the same message in all of these at the same time? What kind of communities are these?
I am looking to cross post the same question to multiple different groups and my hope would that discussion could happen simultaneously across groups within the same post. So someone from Group A is responding, and it is being seen by folks in Group B and C as well.
It definitely does not work that way in Yammer. Each conversation stream for a post in each community/group is separate and cannot be simultaneously views or experienced. Example of how it woks in Facebook when you share a post into a group and then people reply to the shared post in that group - a separate conversation stream from the initial post.