Moving to Enterprise Yammer: any things to be aware of?

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Things I know:

  • It will be standalone (Office365 is now some way off for us)
  • Will include single sign-on

Things I don't: (are unconfirmed)

  • Will we have a Yammer button on intranet home
  • Will we have embedded personal feed on our homepage

Any 'be aware of....' will be gratefully received, thanks.

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Moving to Enterprise Yammer - from? Yammer Basic?


It will be standalone - It will still be Office365, with a standalone subscription


Will include Single Sign on - No it will not, unless you specifically set up AADSync or ADFS.

Yammer legacy SSO will stop working in Dec 2016.


Will we have a button on our intranet? - What Intranet?  What does the button do? Do you have a button now?


Will we have embedded personel feed on your homepage - What homepage? whose personel feed? Do you have one now?


@Vincent Choy, thanks.


Currently on Freemium version.


Current intranet is static, everyone sees same homepage, but personalisation is near though exactly what that looks like is unconfirmed. There is no current Yammer button. We all log into the external site. 


Embedded? I have tested embedding group feed in SharePoint 2010 and 2013. Our intranet is built on SP 2013. Is the code for personal feed your home network URL with unique user name or similar on end of string?


Thanks for the sign on info. I will check that with the Enterprise launch project manager.

I found this Embed Feed documentation that you may already be using. Interestingly, this thread here addresses an issue with an IE error message for that feed, with a solution from @Tom Kretzmer.

Thanks Becky. Really useful given we currently have embed display issues in IE11. I have now succesfully embedded my personal feed to an SP page :)