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I remember hearing last year that Yammer was going to give verified admins the ability to move posts/threads from All Company into an appropriate group. Is that still coming? I checked the road map, but I don't see anything about it.

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I see value in that option, especially aligned with a network of community managers and good user support info.

Our All Company is getting swamped right now with complaints and questions about the latest wellness tracking app launched by our benefits department. We have a group for this topic, but people are just posting "where they are" which is typically the Yammer home page or the feed on our intranet home page. I wish we could force users to choose a group rather than just having everything go into All Company.

I can relate. Similar case in ours. My concern is that by the time the support tools and folk are in place All Company will have become a giant stream of marginalised topics/threads.
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Appears this featuring is coming ~April.

I have been so looking forward to when this will happen.

I haven't had a chance to view the whole video yet, but I assume the slide was from this presentation at Ignite Austrailia. 



This is a feature I could really use. I see it as part of network admins toolset for moderating Yammer. Not that I want to police posts into the right groups but make sure that posts that clearly should have been posted into a private group are swiftly placed where they should be. As stated elsewhere in this thread, users of Yammer should be forced to pick a group so that they consciously post to all company.

Happy to report that, for a very brief time last week, the comment section was missing from our All Network group. Seems that Yammer is doing  some experimenting with this, and that it may be that users will no longer be able to post to the All Network group. Time will tell.

How does edit feature help in moving a conversation?
None as far as I can see. I can add additional people to notify, edit the text, change the attachments but you don't appear to be able to select a different group to post to.

Yes, looks like that feature is still in development and hasn't shipped yet.

Just checking in to see if there are any updates anyone has heard about this. This is my number one complaint with Yammer. As a community manager a key way we keep our network useful and organized is through groups. I'm constantly having to reach out to users and ask them to delete their post in one group and repost in the correct one. Very frustrating especially if they have already received likes or comments - but it's more frustrating to have a post about a party for a new associate in our Health and Wellness group, etc.

One day, a couple of weeks ago now, I went to my All Network group, and the comment area was gone...for at least that moment in time, users could not post to All Network. I hope this indicates that Yammer is engaged in some active testing.

I used to private message everyone who posted in All Network with a "canned" message asking them not to post there, and why. Although that worked, now I just share every post to the appropriate group. Though people are still making All Network posts, I think the message is beginning to sink in.