Move a conversation to another group


How can you move a conversation from one group to another?

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You can't ... at least not yet!

I know it isn't possible ... but shouldn't it be possible? ;)

This is feature that we would benefit too, and have a number of scenrios where this could have been used.

I can see on the Yammer User Voice that this is planned and in their backlog.

Hopefully someone from Microsoft will see this and give an official update.

I believe that the ability to move posts from one group to another is in the Yammer roadmap.

+1 This is a feature that is really needed (from the originator or admins)

It has an estimated ship in Q1 CY2018. :)

Is it possible to move All posts/conversations (not one-by-one) via some button or API, for group migration purposes? :)

Still, anybody?

@Hrvoje Kusulja Move Post feature is thread-by-thread not "all posts in a group".

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