Migration to EU, loss in functionality

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We wish to migrate our Yammer to EU. We know we need to provision the Yammer. However, we are unsure whether the restriction below still apply? As this is an old post 2019, and there has been a more recent update in 2021 --> Guest Access in Yammer using Azure AD B2B is now in preview! - Microsoft Tech Community.


Am I looking at the same use cases? If so, which one is valid?


--- Text from 2019: Data residency - Yammer | Microsoft Docs

  • All external collaboration features:

    • Only users in your Office 365 tenant can participate in your Yammer Enterprise network.

    • External guests can’t participate in your Yammer Enterprise network.

    • Your users can’t participate in other Yammer networks, including external networks.

    • Your users can't be participants in external messaging threads, or add external participants to threads in your Yammer Enterprise network.

    • External groups can't be created in your Yammer Enterprise network, and your users can't participate in external groups belonging to other networks.

  • Posting to Yammer by sending an email message is only available for Microsoft 365 connected groups

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I had the same question about this old post from 2019 and the answer from Microsoft Support was that this still applies.