Migration of content between Yammer groups


I have just had a request to close a Yammer group as it has been superceded, but they have also requested that we migrate the content to the new group.


I remember when we merged networks that content couldn't be migrated but I wasn't sure about groups - although I'm pretty confident I know the answer.  Can somebody confirm for me please?



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Nothing built in.  :(  Theoretically you could script something which would take the data available in an export and re-post each post into the new group.  This is similar to how content was moved from the old Yammer Customer Network into the Office 365 Customer Network.  The "posted by" information would be whatever service account you ran the script under.  

Hello i plane a network yammer consolidation, but i don't now if it's possible to recreate groups in principal network

You can create groups in any network - not sure what you're looking to do.

Just announced today at Ignite: a feature on the roadmap for group owners to move messages to another group. This will be manual, one-by-one, but is coming to the product.