Migrating from Workplace (FB) to Yammer

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Planning some integration activities in a merger of two large organisations .  One side is on Workplace, the other on Yammer.  Yammer is the preferred choice but there's a lot of content/history in Workplace that needs to survive the merge/integration.  Any tips, tools or methodologies available that support a "Workplace to Yammer" data migration? 

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Have seen some third party solutions for migrating data from one Yammer network to another, but nothing for migrating data from Workplace to Yammer. Wouldn't recommend using such a solution even if you can find one. There is a lot of complexity when it comes to migrating social networks as the posts/comments have to be created using the same accounts, the timestamps have to be correct etc.


The situation you're facing is similar to having to merge multiple Yammer networks (only one network will be supported in September going forward). The only thing that this does is connect the user to a different network, which means that they will lose all the data. Can imagine that workplace supports exporting the data as Yammer does this as well, but in Yammer the export is a CSV file with the conversations and a zipped folder with all the files. It will take a considerable amount of effort to upload the files in the new groups for them, which is why I always ask the users to do this themselves. Shouldn't take them more than a couple of minutes to export data and upload it to Yammer (use the files tab to prevent having to create posts). My 2 cents: focus on guiding them, explaining differences (e.g. you don't have a personal wall/timeline on Yammer), highlighting benefits of moving to Yammer (e.g. one network, integration with Office 365 etc.). Would also recommend following this all up with a Yammer network launch, especially if you haven't yet officially launched the existing Yammer network. 




Out of interest why has Yammer been favoured over Workplace?





@Trevor Luyt  Were you able to sort this out? We are looking at a similar setup with our company wherein we want to migrate our data from Workplace to Yammer.

Sorry, no - my involvement in the project ended. Not sure how it was resolved.

@Team8 Thanks for the reply. 

@Trevor Luyt 

We are looking at a similar setup with our company wherein we want to migrate our data from Facebook Workplace to Yammer.

Hi Trevor

WM Reply have a tool that migrates all the groups and content from Workplace to Yammer. There are a few areas that don't exactly match, such as the reactions on Workplace have multiple types whereas Yammer only supports likes. Also polls can't be migrated open. Otherwise it's a pretty seamless migration, especially if you have the New Yammer turned on.